Nepalese parliamentary commission hears case against new cement standards

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Nepal: Industry experts have told the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee that the government should follow the existing Cement Standard 1997 because the new standard has proposed increasing the magnesium oxide and insoluble residue content of cement. They said that doing this would erode the strength of the building material, according to the Kathmandu Post newspaper. So far Nepalese cement producers have been using Indian standards instead.

The Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology had intended to examine and grade locally produced cement from mid-November 2019 but the government delayed this. The parliamentary committee plans to meet with government officials including the secretary of the Ministry of Industry and representatives of the bureau to discuss the matter further. The new Cement Standard 2019 proposes to increase the magnesium oxide content in cement from 5% to 6%. The amount of insoluble residue has been proposed to be increased by 2% to 4%.

Last modified on 20 January 2020


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