St Mary’s Cement extends stack at St Mary’s cement plant

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Canada: Votorantim Cimentos subsidiary St Mary’s Cement has completed a 30m-high stack extension at its 0.8Mt/yr integrated St Mary’s plant in Stonetown, Ontario. The Canadian Press newspaper has reported that the upgrade is a response to increased odour complaints from Stonetown residents.

Votorantim Cimentos St Mary’s plant manager Jose Soraggi said, “Growing along with the community also means adapting along with it. We consider ourselves fortunate to maintain good relations with local residents and the town and to serve as an integral part of the business community in St Marys and Perth County. We take every opportunity to hear from our constituents and find solutions toward a positive and mutually beneficial future. The stack extension is an excellent example of that.”

Last modified on 26 May 2020


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