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After another year of research and data collection from a variety of cement industry experts, associations and other sources, the Global Cement Directory 2013 will soon be with us. The new edition will feature more cement plants than ever before and shows a number of trends in the global cement industry.

The 2013 edition of the directory has an extra 70+ plants across Asia. This is in part due to the continued rampant demand in these cement-hungry nations, but is also due to the fact that the directory is impossible to keep 100% up-to-date. As one would expect, India sees significant extra entries compared with the 2012 edition, despite valid concerns of overcapacity.

Looking north, there are also new plants and projects in Russia, a major global cement player, with 60 plants listed in 2012 and 69 in 2013. Over the Bering Strait, North America has seen a minor contraction year-on-year, with the section of the directory dedicated to the US showing two fewer plants, 97 rather than 99. There are also an extra seven mothballed facilities in the US, although the vastness of the country means that regions have not been affected equally. Consolidation of older capacity ahead of an uncertain regulatory future is partly to blame for the mothballings and closures, although the fundamentals of the economy in 2012 have been surprisingly resilient.

In South and Central America, an area of strong growth, there are new projects and expansions in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru among others, with gradual expansion a common theme among producers eager to expand as markets develop. Mexico has provided a challenging environment for some, with little change year-on-year in the directory. In the Middle East and north Africa we have carried out significant updates. Despite continuing political challenges, countries here continue to demand cement, something that we highlighted for Egypt last week.

In contrast Europe continues to be a drain on the multinational cement players' balance sheets. The continent has lost 15 plants year-on-year with several others mothballed. Many countries, notably Spain, Greece and Italy, have cement industries much larger than their current needs demand. Considerable further closures are likely to be reflected in the 2014 version of the directory if the Eurozone financial malaise is not resolved, although many plants remain 'open' at the moment.

Also, new for 2013, the directory will expand by over 100 pages with the inclusion of cement industry reviews from various countries around the world, collated from recent issues of Global Cement Magazine.

The inclusion of the reviews will add not just literal weight to the directory, but will also contribute a new angle to the publication's information, adding context to the raw data. Countries with expanded entries include Russia, Brazil, USA as well as leading European and Asian cement producers along with extensive coverage of the Middle East.

At the beginning of October 2012 a digital 'beta' version of the Global Cement Directory 2013 will be released and seen by nearly 20,000 cement, lime and ancillary sector readers allowing a period for corrections from those 'on-the-ground', before the full print version is released for sale in November. Secure your company's space today, right-hand page advertising positions are available for the directory within the plant listings as well as in some of the newly included country reports. Contact Sören Rothfahl on direct line +44 (0) 1372 840 957 mobile +44 (0) 785 0669169 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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