LafargeHolcim Bangladesh launches Holcim Water Protect

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Bangladesh: LafargeHolcim Group subsidiary LafargeHolcim Bangladesh has launched Holcim Water Protect, a water-resistant cement “developed through the company’s in-house product innovation and manufacturing capabilities in collaboration with the Innovation Centre of LafargeHolcim Group.” The product is “scientifically formulated and customised for the Bangladesh market by leveraging LafargeHolcim Group’s Smart Blend Technology (SBT). Holcim Water Protect ensures reduced capillary action, resisting the permeation of water thus making it damp and seepage resistant.” The company says that use of the product will result in “stronger and more durable homes” compared to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

Chief executive officer (CEO) Rajesh Surana said, “We are delighted to introduce our most innovative and premium product Holcim Water Protect for our customers in Bangladesh. This product has been developed through continuous consumer engagement, research and thorough understanding of the damaging impact of water on houses. Given the heavy rainfall in Bangladesh, we believe that Holcim Water Protect shall help our customers build their dream homes, free from dampness and seepages.”


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