Georgia Power to begin ash pond dewatering at Mitchell power plant in February 2021

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US: Georgia Power will begin dewatering three ash ponds at its Mitchell power plant in Albany, Georgia. The company says that the coal ash will be used in local cement production.

Environmental and natural resources vice president Mark Berry said “As we begin the dewatering process at Plant Mitchell, we continue to focus on safety and meeting all requirements throughout the process to fulfill our longstanding commitment to protect the environment, our local communities and water quality every step of the way." He added “Throughout the process, clear communication to our customers and the community about our progress remains a priority."

With the Plant Mitchell project, approximately 2Mt of stored coal ash will be removed from the existing ash ponds for reuse in cement manufacturing. The project at Plant Mitchell marks the first time that stored ash from existing ash ponds at sites in Georgia will be excavated for beneficial reuse as part of an ash pond closure project. At present Georgia Power recycles more than 85% of all ash and gypsum, including more than 95% of fly ash, it produces from current operations for various beneficial reuses such as concrete production as well as other construction products.

Last modified on 20 January 2021


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