China Concrete appeals against licence rejection for Yau Tong concrete plant cement storage facility

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China: China Concrete has appealed against the Environmental Protection Department’s decision to reject its application to renew its licence to operate the cement storage facility at its Yau Tong concrete plant in Hong Kong. The concrete producer said that the rejection was both unfounded and unconventional. The Harbour Times newspaper has reported that the company alleged that state-owned local property developers Minmetals Limited, Qingjian Realty and Yuexiu Property pressured the authority.

Managing director Bono Tsang said, “As early as May last year, we expressed to the government our willingness to relocate the plant despite a huge investment cost, and we proactively proposed tentative locations. Our idea is to build a high-tech, pollution-free and environmentally friendly indoor concrete plant. It will become a model for similar plants around the world.”

Last modified on 08 June 2021


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