Cemex to install supercritical CO2 waste heat recovery plant at Prachovice cement plant in the Czech Republic

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Czech Republic: Mexico-based Cemex plans to install a 2MW waste heat recovery (WHR) plant using supercritical CO2 (sCO2) at its Prachovice cement plant. The unit is intended to provide up to 8% of the plant’s electricity requirements.

The producer is part of a consortium studying new sCO2 WHR systems. The EU Horizon 2020 Industrial Heat to Power fund awarded Euro14m in financial backing to the consortium. The project is intended to demonstrate a cheaper and more flexible method of waste heat valorisation compared to the steam or organic rankine cycle approaches conventionally used in WHR.

Plant director Karol Czubara said, “The new sCO2 technology has a smaller footprint and higher operational flexibility than conventional power plant cycles, which produce power from turbines using water or steam.”

URL: https://www.globalcement.com/news/item/12520-cemex-to-install-supercritical-co2-waste-heat-recovery-plant-at-prachovice-cement-plant-in-the-czech-republic

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