Mozambique government responds to producer complaints about falling prices

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Mozambique: Carlos Mesquita, the Minister of Industry and Trade, has said that the government was expecting the price of cement to fall following the opening of the Chinese-backed Dugongo Cement plant at Matutuine in Maputo province. He made the comment in response to a letter by other cement companies asking for government intervention to keep the price high, according to the Journal Notícias newspaper. They alleged that the newcomer is breaking competition legislation. The price of cement has reportedly dropped by as much as 70% since the new plant opened in May 2021.

“We, as a government, know what we’re doing,” said Mesquita. “We have been saying, with regard to cement and to other industries, that we have to assess the costs of production in order to arrive at adequate profit margins and a reliable final price.” He added that Dugongo Cement is the only cement producer currently producing clinker locally.

Last modified on 22 June 2021


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