Nesher-Israel Cement Enterprises adds new hominid Homo Nesher Ramla to the record

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Israel: Archaeologists have identified a new precursor species of humans dated to 130,000 years ago among discoveries from a quarry run by Nesher-Israel Cement Enterprises site at Ramla. Called Homo Nesher Ramla, the species’ antiquity and proximity to Homo Neanderthalensis suggest it as a possible ancestor of Neanderthals, according to Reuters. This would contradict previous theories of European origins of our sister species. Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University say that Homo Nesher Ramla may have lived alongside Homo Sapiens for hundreds of years at the important junction of Africa and Eurasia now occupied by modern Israel, and could have interbred with our own ancestors.

Last modified on 30 June 2021

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