Line closed at Beijing Cement due to record air pollution

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China: According to data released by the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau on 13 January 2013 one cement production line was suspended at the Beijing Cement Plant due to air pollution in Beijing. The move followed measurements of particulate matter smaller than 2.5μm (PM2.5) over 900µg/m3 in several districts of the city on 12 January 2013, the highest level recorded since Beijing began publishing the data in early 2012. The World Health Organization considers the safe daily level to be 25µg/m3.

According to data released by the Bureau on 13 January 2013 in addition to the Beijing Cement Plant closure, 54 businesses in Beijing had cut their emissions by 30%, 28 construction sites had stopped foundation work and Beijing Hyundai Motor Co temporarily halted production. The smog also caused the cancellation of at least 25 international and domestic flights to and from Beijing Capital International Airport. Hospitals in Beijing and in the provinces of Hebei and Hubei have reported a rise in the number of patients with respiratory conditions during the period according to local media.


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