Tanga wants tough action on smugglers

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Tanzania: Tanga Cement Company (TCC) has raised concerns over the perceived failure by the government, through its 2013/14 national budget, to address indiscriminate imports of untaxed cement, particularly from Pakistan.

"I was a bit disappointed to see that the government has not taken stern measures to appropriately tax imported cement and curb all loopholes for tax evasion," said TCC Managing Director, Erik Westerberg, who highlighted that untaxed cement imports were not only denying the government significant tax revenue, but were also subjecting local manufacturers to unfair competition. He asked the government to take tough action against tax evasion in the interests of the national economy and domestic industries.

Tanzania's cement manufacturers are increasingly concerned about cement being smuggled to the Tanzanian mainland via the island of Zanzibar.

Last modified on 19 June 2013

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