E-CL and Cementos Bío Bío sign agreement to develop ash cement

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Chile: Chile-based utility company E-CL and Cementos Bío Bío's Antofagasta plant have signed a contract that is related to the reuse of fly ash for cement production.

After a long process of development and testing between the two companies, the ash that is captured by filters from the central generating units Thermal Andina (CTA) and Thermal Power Hornitos (CTH) in Mejillones, is used to replace natural pozzolan in Cementos Bío Bío's cement products.

Cementos Bío Bío expects to consume 70% of the daily production of fly ash from the CTA and CTH generating units. The project will bring a huge environmental benefit, since prior to this agreement, all the ash was deposited in landfills. The ash is a non-hazardous waste with similar properties to natural pozzolan, so its use in place of pozzolan means that the cement maintains its durability and strength.

Carlos Ferruz, manager of generation sites and E-CL, said that, "This initiative gives a new use for the ash, incorporating this non-hazardous waste as a raw material to a useful product such as cement. Loading, transport and unloading is performed without generating pollution." Ferruz added, "Usually the ash resulting from electricity generation is taken to a landfill, but with this innovation the ash acquires a new use and proves to be a real contribution to the environmental sustainability policies of both companies."

Last modified on 19 March 2014

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