Wikov Gear sends 120t gearbox to Spassk-Cement in Russia

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Russia: Engineering company Wikov Gear will transport a 120t gearbox to a cement plant near Vladivostok, Russia, via road and ship by February 2015. It is the heaviest gearbox Wikov Gear has produced in over 100 years of existence, according to CEO Tomas Zrostlik. Lorries with the gearbox will leave Plzen, western Bohemia, in the middle of November 2014.

The biggest gearbox made by Wikov Gear thus far weighed 102t. It was made for Siemens, which was building a cement roller mill in South Korea. "Before that, we were producing special gearboxes which weighed 60 – 70t, in particular for roller mills' heavy operations," Zrostlik said. Some 80% of the company's portfolio is equipment weighing 20 – 25t.

The gearbox that is destined for Russia is 8m long, 5m high and 2.5m wide. It has been designed for 15 years of operation. The recipient is Spassk-Cement, of the private group Vostok Cement, which has three cement plants and supplies 95% of its output to Russia.

"We will load the equipment within three weeks. It will travel to Hamburg and then by ship via Shanghai. We expect it to arrive in 45 - 50 days," Zrostlik said. The gearbox will be in 25 boxes, the heaviest one weighing 45t. The assembly will start in March 2015 and the launch of its operation is planned for around 15 April 2015. Wikov Gear is also responsible for the assembly and online implemtnation.

Supplies for cement plants have made up 15% of Wikov Gear's turnover thus far, but the share is to rise up to 25% in 2015. The company also won an order from Lafarge in Germany in November 2014.

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