Ashaka Cement files suit against Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)

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Nigeria: According to All Africa, Ashaka Cement has filed a suit against the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) before the Tax Appeal Tribunal, North West Zone over a US$6.94m tax dispute.

In its statement of claim, Ashaka Cement faulted the tax assessment made by the FIRS and urged the tribunal to review the decision. It alleged that, in December 2014, the FIRS commenced a tax audit exercise on Ashaka Cement with respect to the year 2013.

"Subsequent to the exercise, the respondent issued an invitation / demand notice dated 2 December 2014 on the appellant (Ashaka Cement), assessing unpaid tax liabilities, which the appellant representatives attended on 15 December 2014. The invitation / demand notice contained the breakdown of the assessment made by the Respondent (FIRS). The Appellant received the said letter on the 4 December 2014. The Appellant responded to the said notice by an objection letter dated 22 December 2014 and served on the Respondent on 29 December 2014," said Ashaka Cement.

According to Ashaka Cement, the service of the objection letter was preceded by a reconciliation meeting held between its representatives and the FIRS' representatives on 15 December 2014. It said that vital issues contained in the FIRS' notice were discussed and 'ironed out.' Ashaka Cement argued that the grounds of objection raised in its notice was a reflection of issues raised, canvassed and agreed upon at the reconciliation meeting. It noted that it had assessed its tax liability on technical fees based on estimate only and all supporting documents were attached in form of Appendixes 1-12.


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