Ghana Cement Manufacturing Association approves of import tax rise

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Ghana: The Ghana Cement Manufacturing Association (GCMA) has approved of a government customs decision to increase the cost and freight value of imported bagged cement into the country. The valuation of Freight on Board (FOB) for the import of bagged cement has been increased to US$60/t from US$25/t, according to GCMA Chairman and Strategy and Corporate Affairs Director of Ghacem, George Dawson-Ahmoah.

"We are appealing to international cement manufacturing companies who know the international cement market trade to abide by fair trade practices to safeguard the industry, because it has consequences like workers losing their jobs, lower taxes to the government and folding-up of local cement companies — which would be disastrous for the nation," said Dawson-Ahmoah to local media.

Dawson-Ahmoah said that the GCMA was not expecting any value less than US$80/t to cover cost and freight of imported cement from China to Ghana. He added that the country's local cement industry has a 2Mt/yr surplus of cement production capacity following expansion projects. Since lobbying the government on this issue the GCMA has been monitoring movement of imported bagged cement and will continue to insist on fair trade practices.

Last modified on 08 September 2015


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