Paraguay’s distributors complain about Industria Nacional del Cimento

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Paraguay: Although the Paraguayan state-run cement company Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC) has announced that it has secured the supplyof 50,000bags/day and is importing cement from Brazil, local distributors are still voicing their discontent with the firm. They they claim that INC is lying about the volumes that it provides. They are also complaining that the cement it imports is of poor quality and that the cement coming into the country from Brazilian producer Votorantim is too expensive.

Additionally, they argue that the imported cement is just to compensate the lack of supply from INC. They specifically complained that there were practically no regular disbursements of cement over the week beginning 26 October 2015. They believe that there is a lack of clinker for cement production and that demand from the local market is not being covered.

The head of INC, Jorge Mendez, has categorically denied the claims, stating that the distributors are making objections due to the fact that a recent negotiation process between INC and them has come to an end. He stated that 270,000 bags were handed over to distributors during the aforementioned week, including around 45,000 bags of cement produced by INC, and over 20,000 bags from imports. He feels that the issue has arisen because a certain number of distributors do not like the fact that construction firms buy imported cement and that INC regulates cement prices. Mendez has also challenged claims that Paraguay's distributors are requesting more cement.

Last modified on 11 November 2015


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