CRH challenge to email seizure by competition commission goes to court

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Ireland: CRH has taken the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) to the Irish High Court over the seizure of the emails of one of its executives during a competition investigation in 2014. The CCPC was not entitled to ‘essentially run riot’ whilst searching the premises of Irish Cement, a subsidiary of CRH, at Platin, County Meath said CRH’s legal representatives, according to the Irish Times.

Irish Cement has accused the CCPC of seizing and retaining the emails of Seamus Lynch relating to his role with CRH. The CCPC was investigating Irish Cement at this time. Lynch left Irish Cement in June 2011 to join CRH and, when the search was carried was the managing director of CRH Europe (Ireland and Spain). In its challenge, CRH is claiming that the CCPC was not entitled to seize and retain any electronic files relating to a email account assigned to Lynch because this was not related to the business and activity of Irish Cement.

The CCPC denies all claims. It previously agreed not to use the material pending the outcome of the case.


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