Dust dispute for Buzzi in Monselice

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Italy: The Buzzi Unicem cement plant in Monselice, Padua has come under fire from concerned locals following an emission of dust on 25 March 2019. Local press reported that the plant failed to notify residents following an emission of raw meal for at least three hours and not until plant staff had been telephoned by the media.

The plant uses marl and supplementary raw materials, the alleged unclear origins of which have particularly animated local environmentalists. Environment Councilor and mayoral candidate Gianni Mamprin said, “They say it’s just dust, but I don’t trust them. A plant of this type is incompatible with the tourism project that we want to implement in Monselice. Above all, Article 19 of the Environmental Plan of the Colli Park states that (it) is an incompatible plant in a natural park. If I am elected mayor of Monselice, I will actively commit to the closure of this unhealthy plant, because this territory does not need a factory that continually creates anxieties and doubts for citizens.”

Last modified on 26 March 2019

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