Bolivian government agency defends water supply to Caracollo cement plant

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Bolivia: SEDEM, the government’s business development agency, has refuted accusations that a new cement plant being built in Caracollo, Oruro does not have enough water or raw materials. Patricia Ballivián, the general manager of SEDEM, presented reports from PricewaterhouseCoopers and C & C Ingeniería y Procesos defending the supplies to the unit. The reports were released in response to accusations by a local politician that the project had been poorly planned.

The reports revealed that the Empresa Publica Productiva Cementos de Bolivia’s (ECEBOL) plant will recycle the industrial portion of its water supply. It will have a supply of 4l/s and a 3.5Ml reservoir. It also has limestone, gypsum and clay reserves sufficient for the production of 100Mt of cement. These are expected to last the plant 60 years.

Last modified on 10 April 2019


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