Holcim Mexico launches Holcim Supra Cement

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Mexico: Holcim Mexico has launched its Holcim Supra range of cements. The company says that products contain a unique three-in-one technology for water repellence, construction optimisation and protection against environmental agents. It says that the use of Holcim Supra cements gives buildings greater sustainability compared to normal ordinary Portland cement (OPC).

Commercial Director Francisco Shwortshik said, “The new Holcim Supra Cement family are the latest in the market in innovation, with integrated three-in-one technology especially developed to protect buildings by reducing the passage of moisture in concrete. In addition to maintaining the attributes of the current
Holcim cement and mortar, they contribute to sustainable building by reducing CO2 emissions by up to 13% in the process of construction, which makes it an eco-friendly product.”

Chief executive officer Jaime Hill Tinoco said, "Innovation is key to reaching our goal of zero net emissions; this is why at Holcim México we have the strongest research and development organisation in the industry to present and promote consistently high-quality materials and solutions for our clients across the country - like Holcim Supra, a family of unique products on the market that will change Mexico’s way of building.”

Last modified on 10 February 2021

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