Cemex UK completes rail depot upgrades

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UK: Cemex UK has carried out track improvements and extensions at its Attercliffe, Small Heath and Bletchley rail depots. The works included a new siding and storage bays for offloading at Small Heath. Meanwhile, improvements at the Attercliffe depot will enable delivery vehicles to safely use the same area in the day as trains do at night.

Rail and sea manager Mark Grimshaw-Smith said “The summer months have provided us with the perfect opportunity to complete a considerable programme of investment into track at three of our rail depots. These sites are all very different, and spread out across the country, but they are all important parts of our rail network and ripe for development.” He added, “As our use of trains to transport our materials increases, it is vital that we have the infrastructure in place to support this. Further investment is planned at some of our other UK railheads over the coming months.”

The company is in the process of a transition to rail and sea transport from road. Progress in 2020 eliminated 17,500t of CO2 emissions from 150,000 road movements not taken.

Last modified on 14 September 2021

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